When Made in Italy meets Made in Gessi, an even higher standard of quality is created, involving not only the manufacture of products but also a sustainability-oriented approach. Gessi is a continuous growth, a story that embraces the whole world of design, up to encompass the kitchen space, where creativity is the master. Kitchen, Art For Chefs, the Gessi concept and design line for the kitchen, is characterised by high quality products with pure shapes and minimalist design. A design concept that wants to leave the usual and consolidated to enter the world of elegance and challenge the kitchen environment. Gessi is located near the Alps and Milan on a 60,000 m² production area, where the entire product portfolio is developed and manufactured.


Highlights from GESSI:


With carefully dosed retro notes, yet doing away with nostalgic replicas, the Venti20 Collection, conceived by the Spanish designer-artist Lazaro Rosa Violan, breathes new life into signature elements the ‘20s are known for – the detailing, the iconic style, the playful essence. The collection ingests the enthusiasm for life and future-looking optimism of that era and infuses it into the most private spaces of contemporary living. In this visionary outlook lies the recipe for a new appreciation of style and improvement to people’s lives today.

Gessi presents Venti20 kitchen in three declinations: swivel, pull-out and semi-professional.


Gessi has adopted sustainability as the cornerstone of its design and production system. It is an integral part of the values, the culture and the entrepreneurship of the company.


Organic design inspired by nature

With Stelo, Gessi experiments with a new aesthetic and functional languages, drawing on an organic style inspired by the sinuous shapes of natural elements. Thanks to these references, the kitchen atmosphere is enriched with a sense of well-being and balance, as only nature can provide. This novel design blends and elevates aesthetics and functionality. A design that is pleasing to the senses, the soft and familiar contours of Stelo make your living space personal and welcoming, modern yet relaxing. The collection offers a variety of colours and finishings accurately selected to maintain harmony with the dominant colours of different contexts. From the most neutral white and grey to agave and the most vivid ultramarine blue, in continuity with the visual pathways of the house, it allows the different elements to be customised without following fashions by only indulging the personal identity of those living the space.